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As the founder of a thriving cheese shop, John Antonelli has found success, known failure, and learned to embrace the power of optimism in entrepreneurship.

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About John

About John

John Antonelli is the Founder and CEO of acclaimed Austin business Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, which he founded in 2010 with his wife Kendall. John is the operational mastermind behind Antonelli’s Cheese, having completed all of the research and strategic planning for this internationally recognized business.

John has built a model for identifying one’s passion and purpose that, when combining the two, makes for good business, happiness at home, and overall life fulfillment. He believes in finding the Passion to get up in the morning to do what you do, along with a Purpose that will drive others to support you. That Passion with Purpose is the key to creating a meaningful life where your professional and personal lives intersect in a way that brings you success and joy. John’s background in philanthropy has also helped him to build a culture of giving back into a thriving business. 

John is, and aims to be, simultaneously entertaining and inspiring. He believes strongly in using optimism, energy, and the power of smiles to have the best impact possible on those around you. John understands and often speaks on the struggles of succeeding in a tough business environment and working through mental health challenges, including depression. 

John is both a CPA and CCP (Certified Cheese Professional), and he most enjoys a shared cheese and charcuterie board while traveling with Kendall and his two kids Everett and Elia. He is also known for saying “awesome” a lot.

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Whether you need a keynote speaker, a business consultant who’s been there, or just someone to walk you through a heaping platter of cheese, John is the awesome, smiling guy for the job.

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2 is Better Than 1

2 is Better Than 1

While John and his wife Kendall are great on their own, anyone who knows them will tell you that spending time with both Antonellis is a totally different experience. John and Kendall go together like, well, a couple—one that has spent a great deal of time taking risks, succeeding, failing, and laughing together, as well as learning to play off of each other’s greatest strengths and weaknesses. 

As perfect complements to one another, John and Kendall  are more than the sum of their parts. John offers expertise in business planning and logistics, while Kendall can teach you how to bootstrap your marketing to create buzz and get others talking about you. John’s got the numbers, while Kendall’s got the words. Bringing the Antonellis together allows you to reach even more of your audience as they bring their individual perspectives into one dynamic whole.

With both John and Kendall, you can craft a unique event drawing on all of their talents. Their varied experiences and backgrounds allow them to engage effectively with businesses, philanthropic organizations, and small groups alike. An event with the Antonellis might include a marketing workshop in the morning with Kendall, followed by a cheese tasting with the Antonellis, and then a business development workshop with John in the afternoon. How you choose to use their expertise is entirely up to you!

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