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——— By John

This is 40

Fishing with Nic and Schuyler

Over the last few months I have been focused on my mindset.  You see, for most of my life I was always “Awesome” and smiling rainbows.  I have a blessed life and I know this to my core.  However since my depression in 2018/2019, there have been times when I’ve noticed a frown on my face.  I know it’s only natural to have a frown and that we don’t need to smile all the time. But smiling is my natural state, when I feel my best. I’ve been working on my smile muscles for so long making sure that my lips are curled upwards that frowning just doesn’t feel right.  So every morning I’ve been working on my gratitudes, searching for my personal mantra, and transitioning to the newest season of my life.    Finding my way back to joy, commitment, smiling, and positivity.

Bouldering with Brian, Cory, Colin, (me), Dan, and K.C. 

As I turned 40 this week, I spent time reflecting on the question, “Is the cup half empty or half full?”  While my mental health struggles will always be a part of my past, I can wholeheartedly and confidently say that I am a “cup totally full” kind of person.    Waking up every day and putting effort into strengthening my mindset is the greatest investment I can make in myself.  I prepare myself for all the goodness the universe has to offer and I believe that I am worthy of that gift.  It is a powerful practice and I’m happy to share.  Just ask me about it.  

Birthday Rowing

Rowing with Jim, Matt, (me), Brian, and Kyle

And why is my cup totally full?  Because of the people that I share this life with.  This week I celebrated my birthday with multiple amazing surprises.  The first was a fishing trip with two dear friends that have always inspired me to be a better version of myself (and I can say confidently that I’ve inspired them along this journey as well).  The second was a rowing adventure on Lady Bird Lake with 4 dear friends as we worked together to generate enough momentum to get us back to the dock safely.   It’s rare that you feel totally in sync with a group…and in order to get moving you need to follow each other’s rhythm.   Finally I went bouldering with another group of friends where we laughed, struggled, and surprised ourselves whenever we reached the top of what appeared to be outside of our abilities.   

As I continue to work on my mindset, I will hold onto these feelings and remember that my cup is always full…and it’s always overflowing.  Furthermore, I can trust and rely on my support system that is strong and prepared to do what it takes to make me feel “awesome.” This week, they helped remind me to smile.

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